Still sudden changes…

*cough* *cough* Uh, it’s taking longer than I thought to do what I’ve been doing. That and I’ve been screwing off not doing it. Well, not really screwing off, I’ve had other things to do and have been doing this after work so it’s…slow. Anyways, something will still be coming soon. I want to clarify I am doing a huge site revamp to accomplish a few things.

1) Modernize for desktop and mobile (separate designs)
2) Replacing WordPress with custom systems that are better under my security control. Letting someone else handle my security does not make me comfortable considering all I used to do was write security code for web applications.
3) The custom systems will allow me to implement my various web projects across the site with a single OpenID, Facebook, or Twitter account. This includes my long-awaited KanjiKana system.
4) The new forums will be running my Management System forum software which implements a custom version of Markdown I made. So that makes me happy because I love Markdown’s syntax, not so much the HTML it allows too freely.


Sudden Changes

I’m warning ahead of time that there will be an extremely abrupt and sudden change to the site. Be prepared for it and also…well, just be prepared for it. New RSS feeds will be up as well after the change as wordpress says its goodbye here and this personalized feel goes goodbye as well…to a degree. I knew this day would come, but I wasn’t sure when.

Also, thank you everyone who voted on the poll. It’s very interesting to me to see how the market has evolved and tipped in that direction at least for online people who visit this site.

As a note, I can’t disagree with the statistics. I buy most of my games through Humble Bundle and they go through Steam, so it’s basically like buying it from Steam. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that it was ranked so high. As for ye pirates, just remember, while I personally am one of those developers who understands the reason for pirating and is in support of free and open content, a large portion of the world is not and/or does not understand it. So keep pushing to a better sharing and caring world. We need it more than ever since the path we’re on now is nothing but self-destructive.


Vacation – Concluding

Update – Vacation is concluding July 19th: My self-appointed vacation will be over in a week. I’ll be resuming normal activity at that time. I also did some stuff while I was on vacation, so I’ll be sharing that as well.

I forgot to announce it, but as per my usual, I take vacation for about a month or two always at around the start of summer due to the fact that I somehow always get caught up on house projects. I also have increased breathing issues typically due to the allergens in the air.

Other: I’m also suffering from long-term breathing problems that are starting to take their toll on my ability to do anything. I may end up in a hospital before too long now. I can’t take full breathes of air anymore and it’s getting worse.


Spam Flagging Mishap…

I wondered why I haven’t seen comments in what felt like a year. It turns out that every single comment, even my own, were being marked as spam. Then being deleted after 30-days. This is due to what appears to be some sort of bug in Akismet TypePad AntiSpam reCaptcha. I appologize to everyone who has been trying to post comments. I wasn’t aware of this and while I don’t want to shut off Akismet because it does block spam, I’ll try to unblock non-spam comments I spot. I found out TypePad AntiSpam reCaptcha was the cause. So I’m going to shut it off and rely on Akismet and Cloudflare. Once again, I do apologize for this mishap.

(This is at least the 2nd major mishap I’ve had in the last year…what is happening…)

Edit/Update: It was reCaptcha’s fault. I kid you not. It was saying that everything being posted was by robots. What a freakin’ liar. Thanks a lot Google for declaring my peeps as robots. I can see just how desperately you want Skynet to be a reality.


Pingy – A Network Troubleshooting Utility p2

Update May 6th: Right after I posted this, I got into doing a deep-probe of sorts into the source of some OSS that has vulnerabilities. I’ll be back to working on this within the next day.

The program is coming along quite well. For those who are interested in joining to help make this program more, the repository is here:
For those who are interested in watching the progress, I’ve been using Trello:

This is the current build, it’s well on its way to something nice.


Pingy – A Network Troubleshooting Utility

Pingy – A Network Troubleshooting Utility

Pingy’s source has been released at this link:

I’m going to continue working on it. You can follow along or do whatever you want. It is not even close to what you might call an alpha, beta, or whatever. It’s still much like a prototype that will turn into a protoduction in time.

Anyways, I could use anyone who is skilled with both C# (+.NET) and networking. Cause, if I’m being honest, networking is actually my weakest skill set, but it’s come to my attention recently that I’m not as bad at it as I thought. I guess I’m higher than average, but not network admin good.



Note: In my program’s repository if you stumble upon the license and are concerned, just know that the NRGsoft PL v1.0 was made so that no one could steal my program and profit off it. It wasn’t for me to profit off of, it was to stop others from profiting off of it. Like usual, I will be releasing this program for free. That’s just my style.


New graphics card

In preparation for GTA V, I’ve upgraded my graphics card to the AMD Radeon R9 290X. Only a few days away and I should be able to play it on its highest settings. It sits wonderfully in the system.

Edit: Upped the memory clock from 1300 to 1500 (same as my last card) and stress tested with furmark. It’s beautiful. Only reached 82C max after 10 minutes and was running furmark at 125 FPS consistently. Very nice.






Note: The real reason I upgraded my card was because of a fault in the old one that caused it to freeze up. I just used GTA V as an excuse for spending $350 on a graphics card.


Archer uses real, botched, XML file

On a recent episode of the show Archer, I noticed while they were talking about shrink rays, that in the background, a botched XML file can be seen.


To anyone familiar with how XML files are formatted, you should notice a few key things about it.

1) The characters \r (for carriage return or 0x0D) and \t (for tab or 0x09) can be seen instead of what they do, which is a new line and tab.
2) Quotes, ASCII characters below 0x20, and backslashes, were escaped (meaning to those who don’t know, more backslashes were added).
3) This came from a Microsoft-formatted XML file, as “msObject” can be seen. The “ms” stands for “Microsoft.”
4) They inserted the, incorrectly closed, tag, “ParamTargetShrinkRate.”

Why I brought this up? No reason really; I was just amused by the fact that they tried something different than what a lot of TV shows do. Although I do know of one show that had real, from the standard lib, C++ code and another had, properly formatted, XHTML.


Window Renamer v1.3 (2/22/2015) Released

Update: If you downloaded the program before I wrote this update, don’t worry. I made a small tweak and added an official icon for Window Renamer. Now if you download the file it has the icon.


The new version can now change windows names by their process ID. This is useful if you have a window of the same name up. Now you can use their process ID to specify the exact one you want to rename.

Download: v1.3 (2/22/2015)
Source Code:

Changelog v1.3

  • ReturnWindow can now return Process ID with the command line argument “returnpid”
  • Added Find Window by PID option
  • Updated ReturnWindow hash

Changelog v1.3+

  • Added icon

Retro Game Image Tools

I noticed that since I have a strong interest in older games, that is to say games I grew up with, I make a lot of useful tools for editing images of things for retro games or for remaking/fan making retro games. What I’m interested in now if for anyone using Duplicate Tile Finder (DTF), Batch Trim Tool (BTT), or Palette Extractor (PE) to tell me if you have any ideas for a fairly simple tool that would make your life just that much easier when dealing with retro images. Some ideas I had in mind will be listed below…

– Tile Splitter : A tool for splitting up tiles. Would include support for offsets and borders.
– Tile Merger : A tool that does the complete opposite as Tile Splitter. It merges a folder of images order by ASCII character chart.
– Tile Identifier : A Windows-only GUI tool for identifying the index of a tile as well as some various information; like it’s palette, it’s real size, it’s grid x and y, and it’s real x and y.

I was also thinking of a tweak to make to DTF. I want to add an offset and border option so that odd-ball tile sets can be correctly identified.

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