Upcoming things…

First let me start off by saying I have switched from a purely programming language primarily for game development over to a AAA grade game engine called Unity. I don’t have any regrets. It’s quite possibly the best move I ever made. As I’m enjoying developing games again.

Second, Active Comic Reader has drastically changed formats to use XML because, well, who cares. That’s that. It’s more flexible which makes it more useful for maintenance and future updates plus extensibility.

Third, I’m going to be releasing new software called SPFileDiff. I originally developed it to compare files on my drive to find duplicate files. It wasn’t meant for use outside of myself, however, I have reworked it to hopefully not crash and so I will release it publicly soon.

Fourth, I’m going to be doing the Ludum Dare this time around using Unity for the first time. With only a little over a weeks worth of experience, I’m hoping it’ll all go smoothly. Let me note that I used Unity ages ago and so technically have more than a weeks worth of experience, but it’s been ages so… Anyways, I’ll be streaming starting Saturday GMT-7 @ my Twitch NRGsoft channel.

That’s what’s upcoming! Enjoy it soon…I swear I’ll follow through…maybe. Then again, I can do whatever I want since I’m getting $0 revenue from all of this, so…

P.S. Support forums have been added to the site. Use them to make feature requests, help, etc.


The poll and response

So I put a poll out for 2 months before I went on full vacation (I was in burnout/hiatus mode before that). Expectedly the results were heavily skewed towards Anime Character Creator (38 votes). Next was Active Comic Reader (3 votes).

Other (T-ACT Engine), Other (I don’t care), Games, and Learning Monkey (e-book), all had 1 vote.

I’ll respond to each one in a separate paragraph below.

Didn’t expect T-ACT Engine to pop up. I figured everyone had given up on that one, including me. Let me say straight up that I would love to do T-ACT Engine. However, without funds and more experience, there’s no way that project will gain any traction. This is just a blatant fact that I have accepted and hopefully you will as well.

For the “I don’t care” option, you 1 person hit the most ironic choice on the poll. In that you took the time to care about not caring about what I do. Very interesting indeed.

For the games one, yeah, I’d love to do that too. Games burn me the hell out though. I feel like no matter how much I learn I’m still unable to accomplish what I want. Games are a hell of a thing to make. I think with more math knowledge it would benefit me a great deal.

For the learning monkey one, mmmm, no. I put that up before I decided that I’m probably going to move on to another system. Programming games from scratch wouldn’t be a problem if I didn’t have to deal with collision detection and response. I’m horrible at the math for collision and it has burned me out more than 5 times now. So I think I’m done with Monkey.

As for the most common answer, Anime Character Creator, I’m not sure how to go about completing it. I did some really strange stuff in the code and it actually locked me into a bit of a corner about how to do the addons. I didn’t think about that stuff from the start and now it seems very hard to add. I will attempt to finish up, but uh, yeah, I need some time to consider the best route to add addons.

ACR received a surprising 3 votes. This was completely unexpected. I don’t know if people accidentally clicked on it or if those were genuine votes. If they’re genuine, then great. I’m actually interested in working on it at the moment and will proceed to do so (suck it ACC voters :D). As of right now I’m in the process of enhancing it. Audio can be cached and played at will. I’m also in the process of rewriting the same code that ran the prototype but with a different and extendable style. I want to approach ACR in a somewhat robust style of programming that I’ve never tried before. We’ll see how that goes.

So there you have it. That poll was just for me to gauge interest, not to follow strictly. I’ll obviously take into consideration that ACC/2.0 is my most popular project, so not finishing it would be a lousy move on my part. However, that project was originally meant as something for me to learn from, it really wasn’t meant to be my most popular project. That was just pure chance. I was actually hoping Duplicate Tile Finder (DTF), Window Tool, or SPCalc would be more popular. Obviously this was based on my bias for tools that help in modifying and hacking, which is a very strong passion of mine.


On Vacation

That is all…



Secrets and ACC code released

Have you noticed that there haven’t been any updates recently? That’s right, cause we’re doing something secret! We figured being silent would be best. Although saying there’s some sort of secret is even better. Now you want to know and we aren’t going to tell you just yet. Just be prepared. It probably won’t even be this month! Then after that I’ll get back to work.

In other unreleased news, I decided to release the source for ACC 2.0 for now. It’s very incomplete in my opinion as I had not yet solved how to do a particular part yet. It’s truly in the middle of development. However, have at it because I said I would release it and would continue updating afterwords, which I will. https://bitbucket.org/Goodlookinguy/acc

Edit: …and let me apologize on behalf of Bitbucket for their horrific new layout which will hopefully burn once enough people complain.



I’m taking this week off because I’m in horrible chest pain after throwing my body onto my quite old spring mattress to mess with my cat. So here are some pictures of the zapper gun I just took. Found it a month ago in storage. It should still work on the TV behind me with Duck Hunt.




Ludum Dare 26 thieves

During Ludum Dare 26 I made a very hard, yet very addictive game called Flee. It may have not been a great game, but it has features that are very in tune with games like Flappy Birds, where even though people don’t like it they keep playing. A bit ago I noticed a spike in people viewing the source code and not the game itself. This has me quite worried that my code is being stolen for the sole purpose of simplifying replication to the mobile market most likely.


If you see anyone who has replicated my game and is selling it, tell me so I can kick their asses. Virtual or otherwise. I’m okay with flattery via replication, but not blatant theft of my code.


Learning Monkey Overhaul

Learning Monkey just got a major overhaul in the usability department. I outfitted it with a custom hover over sentence highlighter, automatically loaded popups (they weren’t before), permalinks via hashes (as well as backwards and forwards browser support), and the Flesch-Kincaid readability test scores shown at the top of every loaded chapter.

Starting tomorrow, I will attempt to start releasing 4 sub-sections every week until completion. It’ll take about 6 months according to my calculations.

Link to Learning Monkey: http://www.nrgs.org/beta/books/Learning_Monkey/

In other news, ACC is nearing completion. The final additions are coming but are buggy right now so I’m not releasing it yet.


PeerBlock List Unblocker v1.0 (5/24/2014) Released

Edit: A better name for this product is, “PeerBlock Failed List Update Fixer,” but it feels a tad too long.

PeerBlock is a neat utility for blocking ads and random people who like to scan over IP ranges, at least from what I’ve seen. A while ago they updated to a new version which introduced weekly-only list downloads to lower bandwidth costs. This is understandable. However, this is not what happened, at least for me. The list fails to update and then proceeds to act like it updated the list, which means that I can’t get updates. It had been several months since I had the list update. This pissed me off. So I solved the problem.

Download: PeerBlock List Unblocker v1.0 (5/24/2014)

To use it, shut down PeerBlock, set the PeerBlock installation location, which is set to the default location by default. Then click the “Generate & Set New ID” button to set a new unique ID. Start PeerBlock again and bam, you should be able to get the list update that you’ve not been getting.

Note: There’s a slim chance it could give you a Unique ID already in use. In which case, repeat the process over again.
Note 2: I beg of you, don’t use this tool to abuse the system. This was made for people who, like myself, are genuinely having problems.


Possibly moving Bitbucket repos to another service

Okay, so Bitbucket just changed the layout of the site and it’s bad. Really bad. There’s no focus and it’s making my anxieties go through the roof. I’m going to wait a week and see what happens, like if there’s a response to it. If there’s not much, I’ll probably move over to another service for HG repos.

Why do designers keep messing up what works? First there was the XBox, then Windows 8, Twitch, and now Bitbucket. For the love of everything that is decent, tie up the designers before they ruin everything.


Window Renamer v1.2 (5/8/2014) Released

I came up with an even better idea while I was working on ACC about Window Renamer. I extracted the window finder part from AutoIt and made the .NET version of Window Renamer communicate with the Window Finder application. The result was pretty fantastic.

Note: It takes a little for the finder to start up. So don’t go crazy clicking.

Download: Window Renamer v1.2 (5/8/2014) | Get Source Code

Edit: Updated to version 1.2b
Download: Window Renamer v1.2b (5/8/2014) | Get Source Code


  • Added window finder
  • Version B
  • Fixed bug in window finder that caused further delay of the crosshair showing up
  • Added security check for Window Finder to ensure it gets updated if it needs to be updated
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