NRGsoft will be no more

It’s been a great 10 years, but I’m afraid that I’m just messing with you. So basically, my friend and I are joining together as both me the programmer and him, the hardware person(?), in a joint website that will be dedicated to both of our projects as well as collaborations.

This website will remain this way for a while longer, but eventually everything will redirect to the new site. I’m going to retain ownership of for the foreseeable future because I have way too much attached to this domain to let it go.

Some things that are currently running in the background on my website may be shutdown or I may flip them back on. This is really at my discretion and whether or not I remember.

Number 1 best part about all of this, is that this ugly website design is going away. I’ve been slowly developing the new site and it looks NICE. Best thing I ever developed. It’s also not WordPress.

Long and short of this, download my software and back it up if you’re worried. It’ll be available on the new site, but I know people panic when these kinds of things happen, so go ahead and download and backup if you want. Do not redistribute though. New links to the software will be put up in the next few months and you can change links at that point.

So, I hope you’ll join for what will surely be more interesting content.


Quite a few attempts to login as me recently. Sigh…I’ll give you a clue bots, I change my password. I change it more often than you might think.

In other news, I’m being commissioned to do a project on behalf of a group, so I’m not working on anything else right now. When I’m free again I’m going to be working on my big project that will be revealed by, hopefully, midway through the year.

Memorizing Kanji

I told one of my Japanese teachers about my strange ability to memorize how to write complex kanji after writing it once. So she gave me a “challenge.” The video is the second time I wrote the kanji and you’ll notice that I wasn’t looking at anything. I already had it memorized just like I told her. (Small note: If you think my handwriting looks different from the image, it is. Handwritten kanji looks different from typed kanji. I essentially converted it over without thinking, out of habit.)

Here’s the strange part, while I can memorize incredibly complex kanji like this with no issues, simple kanji is SUPER HARD to memorize. Like so crazy hard that I couldn’t remember how to write 七 for over a few weeks no matter how many times I kept practicing it. To be honest, my recall for 七 is still bad at best.

On the other hand, this one is stuck in my brain. It’s locked in tight and I probably won’t forget it for some time. Just like with 鬱 which I can also remember without any issues.

Why don’t you try to write this kanji? It’s easy, trust me. I’ve even broken it down into pieces for you: 長, 言, 月, 幺, ⺉, ⻌, 宀, 馬, 心 – Try to write it once in the same order you saw me write it, then write it again without looking. I swear it’s easy, just study the pieces. Make it into a little puzzle in your brain. Then fill in those pieces.

If you’ve never written Chinese characters before, this is not for you. This is more for people who already have at least some experience writing kanji and are familiar with the radicals I broke down above.

Review my software and new design will be revealed soon…

Greetings, as part of my new design I need reviews (positive reviews…) the size of twitter reviews, as in less than 240 characters (just post reviews in the comments here). My site is going to change completely in a little while (front page, among other non-blog pages). I’m also going to be selling software for the first time as well, so this is all a pretty big change for me. Although I’m selling it really cheap because if I were me, which I am, if it was priced too high I’d probably just pirate it.

All of my currently free software is staying free. So don’t worry about that and also, this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop making open source software. This one program I have, the amount of manual data input I’ve put into it, makes it the only candidate for purchasable software that I have. I’ve also been revising it since 2009, making it the longest software I’ve ever worked on.

Forums are gone, Discord is here

I’ve decided to drop the forums in favor of Discord support. The link to the channel is So if you need help, go here. If you’re going there to ask me to do something, I’m not going to do whatever it is that you’re asking me to do. In fact, I’ll probably ban you from the Discord without a moments hesitation. I’m opening this up for bug reporting (of completed projects) and support. Keep in mind that I don’t always have a lot of time, so response time is extremely variable.

Well, how’s this?

I know I said I wouldn’t be able to do a WP theme, but, I decided to copy WP’s new theme and made something out of it that didn’t completely suck (but does still suck). I’m not really happy with the way it turned out, but I’m also not inspired to do a design right now so I’m just kinda letting this go for now. There’s kinks here and there and the menu is…interesting. I’ll probably update it within the next few weeks until it’s better than this.

Google complaining to me about lack of mobile support

So Google has now sent me several complaints about my lack of mobile support on my website. To be completely honest I was going to keep ignoring them. However, since I have started to look into developing some of my applications for mobile platforms (really only Android), I think I may have to cave into this one.

So I took a look around at modern web designs. What did I conclude? Blocks. God damn blocks. Everyone is Minecrafting it up. All “modern” mobile supported websites are super blocky. Crisp edges, top of website is a bar menu that follows you, lack of content borders, big images, and big open space. Is this really what people like? That’s fine I guess. I kinda miss some older more unique website designs. Blocks seem a little…well, I’m not gonna say. Point is, I need mobile support and going modern seems like a reasonable approach to the whole thing.

There’s a drawback to all of this though, I don’t know how to write WordPress Themes and frankly I don’t have time to learn right now. So if I make the decision to redesign, WordPress is going out the door and lots of links will be broken. This is a bit of a frustrating decision for me. So if there’s stuff you want to keep, might as well scrape my website right now before I do anything rash.

Also, if a month passes and this message is still here, it means I probably gave up on redesigning for now until next summer.