T-ACT Map Specifications

So, apparently I decided I’d rather start working on T-ACT, well, not directly on it but on a game that is the base for it. I just finished the map data specifications.

The idea is fairly simple, it has a movement map and then the drawn layers.

I can determine where a player is drawn to the screen based on the movement map. As such, 2 would make put the player at the
tile_id.y + (layer_height * (layer - 1))

I’m not sure if this explains very much, then again, these are things the tools should take care of…

NOTE: It is very possible I will change the data to zigzag style rendering so this is almost final but, not necessarily.

I should have more specifications and updates as I progress on this project. Hoping that the energy from the Ludum Dare will stay with me.

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