LESS CSS, best new thing to me

LessI had no idea, until seeing this article on css-tricks, that there are these css preprocessors that exist which allow you write in a css-esque language and then load the dynamically generated css to the page on-load. Back when I used to actually do web stuff on a massive scale, Internet Explorer 7 was still new and Firefox was version 2. CSS was primitive and HTML4 was the latest available HTML edition. HTML5 was nothing more than a rumor of an awesome future. Table layouts were common and div-float layouts were viciously attacked.

It’s now years later and a long time since I was doing a lot of web stuff. After being contracted to do a website, I learned just how much the web has changed. We’ve come to a point that the only image you need is the logo. CSS is up to level 3 and now has awesome properties like box-sizing border-box, box-shadow, and the rgba function. What’s even better than that is the CSS preprocessors that have come out. With the JavaScript engines of all of the major browsers being blazing fast now and computers also being blazing fast. Creating the extended-CSS and testing it right away is guaranteed to be just as fast as testing regular CSS. To this end, I strongly recommend that if you already know CSS, take it to the next level with LESS. It will lower the amount of work in creating a cross-browser/device site. You might think there’s a learning curve and I suppose there would be if you’ve never programmed before. For an extremely experienced programmer like myself, there was no learning curve at all. I pretty much instantly understood how to use it and the huge benefits it offers.

Coming to a close with this post, I would like to say that my favoriate features of LESS are the nested classes, class extension, and variables. I could do without the functions and if/else bit of it, but since it’s there I might as well use it when appropriate. Like anything, there’s things you like and things that you imagine you can go without. Going without LESS is possible, but why make things harder on yourself when you can do less!

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