Open sourcing projects

I’m planning to start open sourcing a project every 2 weeks. That is, the projects on the projects page’s source code will slowly be released freely. I plan to do this until every major project that should be open source is open source.

Here’s the release chart plan…

  • SPCalc – June 23rd (in a couple of hours from this post)
  • Window Renamer – July 7th
  • Window Tool – July 21st
  • HexGen – August 4th
  • Anime Character Creator – August 18th
  • Kanji-Kana Tool – September 1st

As well as going open source, all of them are likely to get an update or two before going open source.

Well, that’s all for now. SPCalc will be available in about 3-4 hours from this post.

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