Duplicate Tile Finder (and remover) v1.0b (11/10/2013)

New software! Yay? Really should complete other things first…

This program can find duplicate tiles in a 2D tile sheet. It can also remove them and save a clean version of the file. Note: Only for PNG files!

Usage is simple, just drag-and-drop a PNG file onto dtf.exe and let the program do the rest. It is a command-line driven program. There are more extensive usage instructions inside the zip if you want to write batch scripts to do lots of files, etc.

Edit: Some word-replacement bugs slipped into my release version for some reason…I fixed them and uploaded the file under the same name…I’m hoping no one has downloaded this program before I edited this message in.

Download Duplicate Tile Finder v1.0b (11/10/2013)

Example of its power! (using graphics from a Harvest Moon GBA game)





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