Final Fantasy X (10 aka. FFX) Al Bhed to Eng and Eng to Al Bhed converter

So I recently got the FFX HD remaster for the Vita. I haven’t played the game since the original release years ago when I was barely a teenager. While I was playing though I kept collecting the books and whatnot which started to slowly reveal the text, but was still hard to decipher sometimes. Point is, I thought it’d be best to create a way to convert between the Al Bhed language and English even if you already have some books.

Link to converter: Click here

Instructions about usage

The binary mask is used to tell the difference between a book you have and one you don’t. 0 and 1 are used to represent the following.

0 = Purple letters
1 = Blue letters

Spaces are the same as writing zeros (0). If you leave the remaining space in the text box blank, it’s automatically all number ones (1).

You can turn the usage of the binary mask on and off by clicking the checkbox next to ‘Use Mask?’

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