Window Renamer v1.2 (5/8/2014) Released

I came up with an even better idea while I was working on ACC about Window Renamer. I extracted the window finder part from AutoIt and made the .NET version of Window Renamer communicate with the Window Finder application. The result was pretty fantastic.

Note: It takes a little for the finder to start up. So don’t go crazy clicking.

Download: Window Renamer v1.2 (5/8/2014) | Get Source Code

Edit: Updated to version 1.2b
Download: Window Renamer v1.2b (5/8/2014) | Get Source Code


  • Added window finder
  • Version B
  • Fixed bug in window finder that caused further delay of the crosshair showing up
  • Added security check for Window Finder to ensure it gets updated if it needs to be updated

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