PeerBlock List Unblocker v1.0 (5/24/2014) Released

Edit: A better name for this product is, “PeerBlock Failed List Update Fixer,” but it feels a tad too long.

PeerBlock is a neat utility for blocking ads and random people who like to scan over IP ranges, at least from what I’ve seen. A while ago they updated to a new version which introduced weekly-only list downloads to lower bandwidth costs. This is understandable. However, this is not what happened, at least for me. The list fails to update and then proceeds to act like it updated the list, which means that I can’t get updates. It had been several months since I had the list update. This pissed me off. So I solved the problem.

Download: PeerBlock List Unblocker v1.0 (5/24/2014)

To use it, shut down PeerBlock, set the PeerBlock installation location, which is set to the default location by default. Then click the “Generate & Set New ID” button to set a new unique ID. Start PeerBlock again and bam, you should be able to get the list update that you’ve not been getting.

Note: There’s a slim chance it could give you a Unique ID already in use. In which case, repeat the process over again.
Note 2: I beg of you, don’t use this tool to abuse the system. This was made for people who, like myself, are genuinely having problems.

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