Ludum Dare 26 thieves

During Ludum Dare 26 I made a very hard, yet very addictive game called Flee. It may have not been a great game, but it has features that are very in tune with games like Flappy Birds, where even though people don’t like it they keep playing. A bit ago I noticed a spike in people viewing the source code and not the game itself. This has me quite worried that my code is being stolen for the sole purpose of simplifying replication to the mobile market most likely.


If you see anyone who has replicated my game and is selling it, tell me so I can kick their asses. Virtual or otherwise. I’m okay with flattery via replication, but not blatant theft of my code.

Published by Goodlookinguy

Owner of NRGsoft, programmer, 日本語を話す人間, and UI aesthetics perfectionist.