Secrets and ACC code released

Have you noticed that there haven’t been any updates recently? That’s right, cause we’re doing something secret! We figured being silent would be best. Although saying there’s some sort of secret is even better. Now you want to know and we aren’t going to tell you just yet. Just be prepared. It probably won’t even be this month! Then after that I’ll get back to work.

In other unreleased news, I decided to release the source for ACC 2.0 for now. It’s very incomplete in my opinion as I had not yet solved how to do a particular part yet. It’s truly in the middle of development. However, have at it because I said I would release it and would continue updating afterwords, which I will.

Edit: …and let me apologize on behalf of Bitbucket for their horrific new layout which will hopefully burn once enough people complain.

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