Upcoming things…

First let me start off by saying I have switched from a purely programming language primarily for game development over to a AAA grade game engine called Unity. I don’t have any regrets. It’s quite possibly the best move I ever made. As I’m enjoying developing games again.

Second, Active Comic Reader has drastically changed formats to use XML because, well, who cares. That’s that. It’s more flexible which makes it more useful for maintenance and future updates plus extensibility.

Third, I’m going to be releasing new software called SPFileDiff. I originally developed it to compare files on my drive to find duplicate files. It wasn’t meant for use outside of myself, however, I have reworked it to hopefully not crash and so I will release it publicly soon.

Fourth, I’m going to be doing the Ludum Dare this time around using Unity for the first time. With only a little over a weeks worth of experience, I’m hoping it’ll all go smoothly. Let me note that I used Unity ages ago and so technically have more than a weeks worth of experience, but it’s been ages so… Anyways, I’ll be streaming starting Saturday GMT-7 @ my Twitch NRGsoft channel.

That’s what’s upcoming! Enjoy it soon…

P.S. Support forums have been added to the site. Use them to make feature requests, help, etc.

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