ACC v2.0 dropped for cross-platform v3.0

Just after 2.0 had made its way, I decided a month or so ago that I wanted to have Anime Character Creator be cross-platform as to appease all people (and to prevent, “is it for mac” type questions). What I will be doing is porting as much code as possible from v2.0. Then using GTK# via Mono to remake the program. It won’t look nearly as aesthetically pleasing as I want it to be, however it will be better in the end because I have some better design choices in mind, which will allow all of the features I didn’t add to 2.0.

I am not likely to engage in this project actively again until next year. Winter seems to hurt my work ethic (if I even had any), so don’t expect it soon. Plus, there will probably be a lot of speed bumps I will encounter since I’m not overly familiar with GTK#. However, one thing I’ll do different from my norm, is that I will be open sourcing the code right from the get go. That way you can compile it at your own discretion and I won’t release until official v3.0 status.

In unrelated, I don’t feel like making another post for this, news, the next project likely to see the light of day after 3 years (holy crap), is my Kanji-Kana Tool (web edition). The original was literally made just for me to be run on my local computer Apache server. It was written in vanilla JavaScript therefore requiring no extra libraries (and it used “AJAX”, which was a complete mess without abstraction libraries). It was really quite something. Obviously now I’ve gotten spoiled since being introduced to jQuery 6 years late (I was developing back during IE 5 and 6, so I really dropped the ball on that one). Got off on a tangent there, whatever the case, it’s coming in a different form. Made for the purpose of multiple users and flexibility. If this project gets bigger than I expect it to become, I may move it to another site as a heads up.

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