Retro Game Image Tools

I noticed that since I have a strong interest in older games, that is to say games I grew up with, I make a lot of useful tools for editing images of things for retro games or for remaking/fan making retro games. What I’m interested in now if for anyone using Duplicate Tile Finder (DTF), Batch Trim Tool (BTT), or Palette Extractor (PE) to tell me if you have any ideas for a fairly simple tool that would make your life just that much easier when dealing with retro images. Some ideas I had in mind will be listed below…

– Tile Splitter : A tool for splitting up tiles. Would include support for offsets and borders.
– Tile Merger : A tool that does the complete opposite as Tile Splitter. It merges a folder of images order by ASCII character chart.
– Tile Identifier : A Windows-only GUI tool for identifying the index of a tile as well as some various information; like it’s palette, it’s real size, it’s grid x and y, and it’s real x and y.

I was also thinking of a tweak to make to DTF. I want to add an offset and border option so that odd-ball tile sets can be correctly identified.

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