Pingy – A Network Troubleshooting Utility

Pingy – A Network Troubleshooting Utility

Pingy’s source has been released at this link:

I’m going to continue working on it. You can follow along or do whatever you want. It is not even close to what you might call an alpha, beta, or whatever. It’s still much like a prototype that will turn into a protoduction in time.

Anyways, I could use anyone who is skilled with both C# (+.NET) and networking. Cause, if I’m being honest, networking is actually my weakest skill set, but it’s come to my attention recently that I’m not as bad at it as I thought. I guess I’m higher than average, but not network admin good.



Note: In my program’s repository if you stumble upon the license and are concerned, just know that the NRGsoft PL v1.0 was made so that no one could steal my program and profit off it. It wasn’t for me to profit off of, it was to stop others from profiting off of it. Like usual, I will be releasing this program for free. That’s just my style.

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