UPnP Manager Release (21/12/2015)

I really screwed up the first release when I set the minimum internal port as 1025. That was an accident because I wasn’t paying attention. So I’m essentially re-releasing the original version of the program, but now the minimum internal port value is 1.

Download: UPnPManager (21/12/2015)

In other news!

A) My ChainReact Server and Game Client are coming soon! I’ve been working on this one for a while. It’s based on the GSN gameshow, Chain Reaction, which I adore.

B) I’ve created an entire OS system in the browser and went way overboard on both the aesthetics and usability to the point where you could believe you were actually using a Virtual Machine. I’m not kidding. I got really obsessed and well…I think I might release it as an alternative to remote desktop. It supports software installation, permissions (sort of…), code obfuscation, full Window-management support, and way more than it ever should have. I originally set out to build an editor for a video game database and forgot what I was doing part way through.

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