New stuff is new

From here-on I am upgrading and switching to newer develop tools for ease. Which means in return you’ll need the newer runtime which can be acquired through Windows update.

1) VS2010 –> VS2015
2) C# 4.0 –> C# 6.0 (I’m in love with 6.0)
3) .NET 4.0 –> .NET 4.6.1. (get .NET 4.6.1 if on Windows 7/8/8.1)

I’m also going to start using Mono+GTK# whenever I can so that I can make cross-platform tools without having to go the C++ route. This of course depends on both the type of program and whether or not it is platform-specific.

For instance, if I was developing a Windows Registry editor, that would be done with .NET. If I was developing a UPnP Manager (wink wink), that would also be with .NET because I’m using the COM UPnP controls provided by Microsoft for Windows and haven’t a clue how to achieve the same results on Linux or OS X. Sure, I could learn, but my interest is weighed by both my everyday usage and that of most people. I also take into consideration how much time I’m willing to work on a project. Most of the time a few days is the limit because it doesn’t hold me long enough before I want to do something else.

Anyways, we have no plans for current new software this year (but we never do). We’re looking into trying to get a developer license for the 3DS. We wish to start a project on it and have been holding off until we could find a platform to develop for exclusively. If not the 3DS, we will just turn to Windows because, who cares I guess… Really we wanted to develop for the PS Vita, but not only is Sony unfriendly towards indie devs with little to no income, but they are blunt about their disinterest in us. This really annoys me to no end because I love portable gaming, but hate mobile phone gaming. I wanted to utilize the power of the PS Vita, but instead I’ll willingly opt-in for making a 3DS exclusive instead so that I can give Sony the middle finger for their poor treatment of indies.

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