Preparing for LD35

I’m in the process of preparing for the 35th Ludum Dare (LD). I haven’t attempted an LD since my 9th time at LD 29. Six Ludum Dares have passed since then. It’s also been 9 Ludum Dares since a complete game was made. Albeit, LD27 was more complex than any of my other games and wasn’t finished for valid reasons. LD 28 and 29 were both uninspiring and I quit hours into both.

I now have a new framework and a lot of experience in some newer areas that has helped to build up my experience for general and game dev. So I’m going at it again. This is why I’ve been relatively silent for the past months. It’s been a fairly consistent stream of framework development pertaining to a larger game. However, to ensure I’m traveling in the right direction, the framework will be put to the test at LD35 to ensure it both works and can pump out decent results.

I will likely stream it live, although not 100% of it. As in, the hours I’m asleep.

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