Back from vacation

I didn’t announce it, but after the Ludum Dare I went immediately on vacation. Oh, I also quit 4 hours in after completing my prototype because I saw 5 posts by other users who were making the exact same game. I guess we all had about as much creativity as a wet rag when it came to the theme ‘shapeshifting.’

Whatever the case, at least I wasn’t unhappy. I quit because of sheer number of similar games. Imagine how many people did the same idea and didn’t post! It was a valid quit. On a positive note, I completed the prototype in 4 hours. I’ve improved quite a bit since the last time I completed one. Now to get even faster. Sadly I only took away a few things from that compo, I was hoping for more, but whatever, at least I learned a new technique that is an optical illusion, but useful for certain things.

Whatever the case, back to the large project I’ve been working on in secret. It’s now been 8 months, so yay! (Did I even mention this project in any other post?)

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