WebP GUI Release (2016/06/27)

Update: http://www.nrgs.org/2571/webp-gui-release-06282016/

WebP is an image format developed and maintained by Google. While having a number of features, it lacks a lot of support from the general community at large. So I decided to help out a bit by introducing WebP GUI. It’s a piece of software designed to use Google’s webp binaries and manipulate them in a fashion people are more accustomed to instead of cryptically writing it out on the command line.

WebP GUI, like WebP itself, is definitely incomplete, but complete enough to release for now.

Download: Windows (Vista and above) | Source Code


Note to XP and below users: I’m officially not supporting Windows XP anymore. It’s time to upgrade. I’m not saying you have to go to Windows 10, but you can’t stay on XP either.

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