Some Source Code Releases To Come

I’m going to be releasing the source code to some old projects that I’ve only released as freeware next Monday. “Why?,” you might be asking yourself. It’s because of this VirusTotal Link.

I laughed when I saw that PeerBlock List Unblocker was detected as “Trojan.MSIL.gen.18” by whatever “VBA32” is. The hilarious part is that the code is so incredibly innocent (and small) that I figured like the rest of my software, it would be detected as 100% clean (because it is). However, some PoS anti-virus proved to me that the most innocent software can be detected as bad. So I’m going to release the source code to disperse any doubts and at the same time I will also release DTF, PE, and BTT’s source code.

Edit: Oh hey, you know the newly released “WebP GUI”. You know, the one where I provided source code basically from the very start of development, that’s detected as a virus by 1 PoS anti-virus too. VirusTotal Link. This is further proof that the small anti-viruses need to dropout of the game because they hurt software developers by reporting false-positives.

Important Note: The reason I can’t release until Monday is because I’m not home and because of a hardcore brownout (that shut my computer off) in the city I’m from, while I’ve been away. So I can’t access my computer remotely, otherwise I would’ve already.

Edit: Ah ha, I got the Chinese company to not consider my software as a generic trojen. I couldn’t even figure out how to contact “VBA32” so I gave up. As a note, I am not going to release the software anymore. I now remember the reason why I didn’t release it in the first place. It wasn’t because of any “malwares”, it was because it had software dependencies in weird places that make it hard to upload online to a repository. For instance, the btt tool requires my private nrgsoft lib dependency module to compile.

Edit 9/20/2016: Peer Block List Unblocker source code is here (I found it!)

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