To spammers

I want you to know that I have long logs of your activity. The spam, bad headers, the 404s, the admin account login attempts, the random user account login attempts, the script-kiddie childish bullcrap, your emails, IPs, and so much more. Please, for your own sake, find another site to harass. You look silly coming after me because I publicly post your information periodically and I contact your webhosts and make complaints against you more than a few times per month. I noticed that I just reached 83,000 bullcrap attempts at stupid so I thought I’d save you the trouble and just tell you to go bother someone else.

Some fun ones…
Script kiddie:
Spammer:,, 185.x.x.x/8
Admin account login attempts:
Retard-level account login attempts:,, 54.x.x.x/8

The crown for the dumbest person of all goes to this IP which, funny enough, actually seems to be a bot’s real IP and not a veil.
Multiple admin account registration attempts:

Now please, leave me alone. I’ve been programming a little arduino robot and haven’t been paying attention to my website so stupid stuff like this has been slipping past me.

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