Failed logins & More attempts at stupid

I saw in my logs that seemingly legit logins were attempting to occur. In particular I recognized a particular login username, “therexion.” The problem was that there were no accept headers so login was blocked. So, for those failing to log in legitimately, please try another browser. I’ve been able to login from Edge and Chrome. Firefox, IE11 and below, and others are not tested and may not work. If you’re only looking to post comments, don’t bother logging in at all. I now use Disqus and they handle all of the login business.

Here’s some more idiots who are trying to get in and yet lack the experience or knowledge that I had when I used to break into websites. These guys are just script kiddies. They used to take source code I’d create to “hack” websites and here they are years later still being script kiddies as per the usual M.O., more attempts at stupid (MAAS). – Tried to login as me, but made it obvious they were fake and were blocked before reaching any login queries,,,,, – All tried to login as me, but all were on a cached list of idiots who are automatically blocked and never reach login queries,, – Keeps attempting stupid exploits that will NEVER work. There is an htaccess rewrite on what you morons are attempting to do. Please stop wasting my bandwidth on 404s.
2600:100d:b110:ee24:f9a0:94b6:46da:bdd5 – IPv6 addr. that tried to login as the number 2. I don’t even… – Attempted exploit and failed considering I don’t have the plugin you tried to exploit AND there’s an htaccess rewrite to prevent exploits in that area, so…

Okay morons, either actually hack me by using exploits in linux and proving that you are damn skilled or leave me alone; and no, I’m not asking to be hacked like Google likes to do at their yearly hack. I’m merely saying that these childish php-based “hacks” are almost all going to fail and I’m just sick and tired of the numbers of them racking up. It’s now 84,000. I also know you people read these because I have logs that show me that you actively take interest when I publicly post your information. You take it as a challenge, which is stupid. I’m not challenging you, I’m telling you to screw off because you’re not going to get anywhere and you’re wasting my bandwidth.

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