Speedrun: Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom (1:17/1:18)

So, I’ve been taking a vacation because I haven’t been feeling very well since Winter started. I’ve had a miserable cough and less than thrilling amounts of energy. However, a few days ago I bought Adventure Time: Secret of the Nameless Kingdom for $0.99 off the Playstation Network for my Vita and discovered a treasure trove of glitches that were previously undiscovered. I now hold the world record run for this game until someone uses my run as their own while fixing my mistakes and fixing that last “save and quit” bit which isn’t actually necessary since you can go up the stairs and exit the wall via the bridge underpass.

Anyways, here’s my run. Ignore the uh…bit at the 26 second mark. It came from two runs back when I got hurt 4 times when starting the game, so I quit out, deleted the save, and typed that name in, which I proceeded to get hurt twice, so I quit out and deleted that save as well. Then I took a break for a few hours…and it led to this. So I’m happy.

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