So I haven’t been doing any programming work for a few months. It started with helping a friend move, and then helping my friend’s mom and sister move, and they were hoarders (not my friend). So after finishing 4 weeks later (yes, it took that long even with a team of 3+ people daily), I then became annoyed with my own house because after seeing a hoarder’s house, I didn’t want my house to ever look like that. So I did a cleanup and started keeping it up daily. Then it transformed into me painting the now white baseboards and walls which were white when the house was originally made, yellow now, and apparently no one had painted them over the years. It’s been about 6 weeks of doing that. So hopefully I will be able to do some stuff in maybe 2 weeks. I have to redo incompetently installed drywall in my bedroom (they used nails and Spackle to cover up their shame!) and clear up some mold issues before painting in the master bathroom.

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