I win!

On a serious note. I haven’t cracked software since I was 17. I just decided to just go for it. I plan to pay for the software shown being debugged here. This cracked version is not being released. I just wanted to see if I still retained my skills from childhood. Some things have changed. This was a 64-bit executable so I had to use a debugger I’ve never used, x64dbg. I also had to lookup some of the instructions for x86-64: – of which none were relevant to cracking this since I simply modified two “jne” to “je” – one was a jump short if not equal 0 and the other was jump near if not equal 0. 85->84 and 75-74. Point is, I won. I’m just proud that I randomly chose software and succeeded. Now I’ll go buy it because the author deserves it.

P.S. The images are censored except for their text. I’m sure you could find out what software this is if you looked hard enough.

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