Google Translate Speech Files Grabber Release (2017/06/17)

I release, and with much delight, my Firefox MediaCacheGrabber (FFMediaCacheGrabber or FFMCG) today. I posted about how to use it nearly 3 weeks ago. Since then I’ve improved it quite a bit and went through quite a few unpleasant cycles, which I’ve documented below. This is NOT compatible with portable Firefox. You must have Firefox installed on Windows and have used it at least once for this software to work.

How to use:
Requirements: Microsoft .NET 4.5.2
Source Code:

So, how it went: As you saw on the video in the “How to use” link, originally I had to write the text in and it just grabbed files bluntly. Well, I got fancy. It now grabs the input text that you put in for a given file. Second thing was Google’s metadata. Initially I was going to use third party software to support stripping the text. However, everything I used couldn’t do it right. GoldWave removed the metadata, but reencoded the file in the process. FFMPEG, despite having explicit stripping features, all 5 of them didn’t work to strip this metadata. Then I straight up tried LAME, it also failed. So I ended up writing my own MPEG frame detection and it seems to work flawlessly. So now I can support getting the input text and stripping their metadata. This is a pretty good release for me.

Future Improvements
Future improvements will explain why I called it “FF Media Cache Grabber” instead of “FF MP3 Grabber” or something like it. I have plans to detect flv, other mp3 files, mp4, and other media files.

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