7/21/2017 –
Issues have been fully resolved 9 hours later.
7/21/2017 – Having issues right now with SSL. It may take time to resolve, please be patient.

If it makes anyone feel better, the site can now be accessed over HTTPS. It’s been a longtime coming. So having it is nice. I personally could stand to keep using HTTP with no problem, but clearly people are becoming increasingly paranoid and this caters partially to them.

Update: Until CloudFlare stops acting strangely and allows me to forward the requests to HTTPS, I’d recommend installing the Chrome/Firefox extension HTTPS Everywhere:

How to install for Chrome
0) Go to here:
1) You have to right-click “save link as” the file “https-everywhere-chrome-2017.6.20.crx” (or whatever the newest one is).
2) Open up a new tab in Chrome and go to chrome://extensions
3) Open up the file explorer on your OS
4) Drag-and-drop the “https-everywhere-chrome-2017.6.20.crx” file from your file explorer onto the middle of the extensions page.
5) If it doesn’t work, turn on “developer mode” (it’s a checkbox in the top-right of the extensions page).
6) Visit
7) Click on [S] HTTPS Everywhere extension icon on the top right of Chrome and click “Add a rule for this site”
8) Now everything will forcefully be put in HTTPS
9) Apply this same type of thing to any other website that supports an encrypted connection

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