Open source this, open source that

I was thinking to myself today a lot about all of the projects I have that are sitting around unreleased. I was also thinking about all of the ongoing projects that I keep releasing. I started wondering why I bother to not just release them. It doesn’t really do me any harm. It’s not like I’m losing money, since I’m not exactly earning any anyways. Whether the code is bad or good, who cares. So I will start open sourcing numerous nonsensical projects from here on out.

Let’s take a quick look at this computer’s work stuff…

C# LazitextCryptor
C# Langen
C# mcpext
C# LEDMatrixShapeGenerator
C# FFMediaCacheGrabber
C# TilemapEditor
C# Nebulas
C# KanjiKanaHE2
C# ChatFight
C# ChainReactListEditor
C# ChainReactGame (client, server)
C# JpWordSearch
C# BBMonkeyCrawler
C# CompactDuinoScript
C# ArcXP
C# CopyScrub
C# ArduinoEEPROM
C# ENp2p
C# ENChat
HTML, JS, CSS kanjikana (v2 alpha)
HTML, JS, CSS, php langprog (kanjikana v1)
HTML, JS, CSS, php, MySQL NeptuniaOS
HTML, JS svgpng
C++ KEEPROM (write-failure hardened EEPROM management)
C++ fishlight
C++ servo_test (LittleGuy robot project, never renamed)
C++ ledmatrixtest (MAX7219 word scroller)
C++ light_project (LED strip remote-controlled display modes)

Now, I am by no means saying that all of this should be opened sourced. Some of it is useless outside of my specific context. Some of it uses copyrighted materials (*cough* NepOS). However, I don’t see the harm in releasing a number of the more useful ones. I’ll examine some of them below…

mcpext – Mod Coder Pack Extension is a program that rewrites a bunch of the Mod Coder Pack’s reversed code back into readable chunks and also fixes mistakes by other people who were reversing the code and clearly screwed up.
LazitextCryptor – Two key text file encryption.
Langen – Automated EBNF-based scanner, parser, tokenizer generator for C#. Converted from previous code I made in Monkey.
TilemapEditor – C# tilemap editor using very simple double buffering and image atlases to keep it rendering very fast.
Nebulas – Unspecified code editor
KanjiKanaHE2 – KanjiKana HomeEdition 2 built on top of WPF instead of WinForms like HomeEdition 1
ChatFight – Extremely complicated to use for people who don’t know networking very well. It encrypts chats.
ChainReactListEditor & ChainReactGame – List editor and server-client for ChainReact-based game. I renamed it to “WordChainGame” to avoid copyright purposes.
JpWordSearch – Some guy made a Korean Word Search program and I changed it to use Kanji/Hiragana/Katanana
BBMonkeyCrawler – The program that pissed of that dipshit Simon (skid) who can’t read or communicate like a human
CompactDuinoScript – A very WIP tricky project of mine to make a tiny embedded scripting language for Arduino that isn’t Lua. Files have to be pre-compiled.
CopyScrub – A thing that writes over files lots and lots of times after, if you want, moving the file. I don’t believe it would do anything to stop a skilled person from reading data back from a storage medium.
ArduinoEEPROM – KEEPROM written in C# prior to porting to C++. I had to ensure that the crazy things I was doing were going to work.
ENp2p – A file transfer based on my own protocol. Very unstable to say the least.
ENChat – Another encrypted chat system that is less complicated than ChatFight to setup.
kanjikana & langprog – The v1 of this project was made in late 2009. I talked about releasing it late 2010. That never came to pass. I now have a completely written version, made between late 2016 and today. It will be released.
NepOS (NeptuniaOS) – I made a very advanced remote system management system and for some reason used the Neptunia games as the basis for it. This led to me being unable to release it. I regret it deeply, because this project took me 4 years.
KEEPROM – I planned to open source this when I was done with fish light. It splits the EEPROM from Arduino in segments that can be moved around if write-failures start to occur on segment blocks. This is basically to fight against the 100,000 write limit of EEPROM blocks.
Other Arduino Stuff – I don’t think I should bother with my Arduino stuff, because I’d also have to post my friends Eagle files (custom PCBs) and his schematics.

So there’s a rundown of what all of this is. I’ll figure out what I want to release when I wake up. It’s 6AM and I haven’t slept yet.

P.S. These are only projects from this computer. I only started using this computer 10 months ago. There are dozens upon dozens of other projects all over the place on my other machines.

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