A source code reminder

This is a reminder to anyone getting my software that most of my software’s source code is 100% open source. I’m bringing this up because I decided to once again scan my software with VirusTotal (so that I could send out false-positive reports) and discovered other people had scanned some of my software, but the source code for said software is 100% accessible.

In particular, Windows Window Renamer was scanned and had 4 detections, including “Suspicious” and “70% confidence” of being a virus. However, the source code has been available since early 2015 here: https://bitbucket.org/Goodlookinguy/windows-window-renamer. And looking at it, it’s pretty clear it’s 0% confidence of being a virus. My guess is packing the AU3 compiled executable inside the .NET pseudo executable is frowned upon by those supposed quality “antivirus” programs.

As another reminder, I do not create viruses nor spread them. I have not the will, want, desire, or patience to write malicious code. I’m only interested in making tools or games (or game tools) and occasionally fish lights

My two source code repository areas are here at Bitbucket or here at GitHub.

Share the love of open source! 私はオープンソースが大好きです!本当に。昨日、4時間に日本語を勉強しました。とてもつかれています。今、ねます。

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