LD41 and onward

A few years after basically quitting making games I’ve decided to come back into it again. Going forward I expect it to be different from before for various reasons, I’m not going to explain.

First thing I did was slap together a framework to make the games in: AtarashiiMono (新しい物)

Atarashii Mono is a pun. Atarashii is an i-adjective meaning “new” and Mono is a noun meaning something like “thing”. Of course, the pun comes from the fact that I’m using MonoGame.

Second thing I will be doing is Ludum Dare 41.

After that I plan to start making games every few weeks and releasing them on Steam Direct. I’m well aware that Steam Direct is absolutely filled to the brim with shitty games. None of my games have ever been rated poorly, so I’m not too worried about that. I take pride in my games. I’ll put them up here too. Hopefully you can enjoy something I’ve made soon or even mod it. I’m all for that.

My framework linked above will keep evolving as I create games. So look forward to it being capable soon if you want to use it. At the moment it’s mostly slapped together as fast as possible so that I don’t have to do these basic things when LD41 starts. Knowing me it will grow into an interesting beast sooner than later.

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