Apparently it’s working

The SSL I mean. I would have expired 3 months ago and I just realized that it auto-renewed 3 months ago (and 2 months ago, and 1 month ago). So apparently it’s working now. Hurray for SSL working without me having to do anything!

With that said, LD41 results. I didn’t finish the game to that incredibly stupid “theme” (*cough* rule >_>), “combine 2 incompatible genres”. – I know the Ludum Dare has bad themes sometimes, but this was an oxymoron by definition; as when you combined the genres you would then find yourself with an incompatible compatibility. Get what I mean? We attempted to combine racing and turn-based combat. This did not go well. However, despite that, I plan to finish the game somewhat and release it in a few days/weeks (depending on how I feel). It’s not good, but I’m at least going to release it to show why you don’t combine these two things together. Or, at the very least, why you don’t combine them together the way we tried to.

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