Privacy Policy (or GDPR response)

I don’t reside in Europe and the servers do not reside in Europe and by that measure I don’t really give a crap about foreign laws like the GDPR. Although I thought I should write about what collection of data is done to make it clear.

– IPs – This is stored for a few years mostly for sorting out spammers, not regular people (unless you’re trying to falsify login info).
– Downloads – I record download statistics, but they are not directly linked with any IPs, it’s just a raw numbers. Although there are logs that link to direct IPs, I almost never read them unless abuse is detected. I’m looking at you EDUs.
– Google Analytics – I use it to track raw count of how many people visit my website monthly. If you aren’t interested in being analytics data tracked from Google, install uBlock Origin, Adblock, or other adblocking software. I think most of them come with analytics blocking too.

Once again, I don’t have to follow any new laws and I didn’t have to tell you what I collect, but I decided to anyways. If you run a site one day, you’ll understand that what I bother to collect information wise is probably one of the most minimal you’ll come by. That’s because I really don’t have time to look over logs. It’s just too much work and frankly I’m not interested. This is a one-man show after all. I’d rather be programming or gaming than spending time looking at what pages you visited on a given day. Plus, there’s like a 1000 of you that come every month. That’s too many people.

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