I want to develop games, I’m learning C++…STOP!

So I was looking around some forums. I have to say, thanks to a certain crowd, C++ is made out to be god-like for games. Here’s my problem. In the world of today, if you want to create games. Starting out from C++ is about as far away from making a game as you can start. From my experience learning C++ first (years ago), I can tell you that I’ve never used it to create games. Why? It’s not because I can’t, it’s because it turns into cluttered hassle. That’s not what you want when you make a game. On the other hand, I can say I’ve made many demos and am making a game with the language BlitzMax. As well as making demos and full games in engines like RPG Maker, Unity3D, and a few other programs.

What does this lead me to? C++, it may be widely used around the mainstream industry. But attempt to write games and entire engines on your own with it and see the truth behind taking 10-years to write a game. Opposed to writing one in a month or year with an engine or language like BlitzMax. And realizing that while, sure, you should learn C++. If you want to make a game on your own realistically, skip it at all costs.

Now, putting this post out here, I imagine it will, at some point, get a response. That’s one of the main reasons I wrote it. It’s because I expect there to be a C++ elitist who will try and one-up me somehow. While having nothing to back up their claim of C++ being the greatest programming language to ever be born into existence. In my opinion, Assembly is the best language to ever be born into existence. The manual writing of low-level routines and low-level control at its finest. And personally, better than C++, to boot, is writing up a language in ASM with all of the functionality you need. Eliminating the in-between of needing someone else’s bullshit layer between me and the computer. But hey, go on, convince me C++ a god-like language for games. My thoughts bend flexibly when someone gives me flawless or at least polished logic.

Oh, and I can’t forget. There will always be that person who comes in and says, “…well so and so wrote a game in…,” was it you? No! Oh really…that’s what I thought. Shut up. Now that I’ve successfully ranted, I’m going to sleep.

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