Kanji Study Buddy – I’m thinking about it…

Over the last weekend I wrote two new software for studying Japanese. 1) JP Study Buddy, and 2) Kanji Study Buddy – These complement my other program KanjiKana (2015). One provides a way to study words like flashcards with audio that you either collect or get off Google Translate in Firefox with my software FF Media Cache Grabber. The latter provides a way of inserting kanji into blank spaces to fill in the kanji of the word.

Image of prototype shown here.

The first one was prototyped in roughly an hour and a half and the 2nd program was prototyped in roughly 3 hours. This means I haven’t refined them much at all. It was basically just throw the code together as quickly as possible to make it work.

That said, I’m considering releasing Kanji Study Buddy. I’d like to refine it more first, but it definitely offers a different way of studying than what I’ve seen when I look around. Sometimes thinking differently does make a difference in remembering. Chime in if this program sounds like something you’d want.

*Note: Data files for Kanji Study Buddy look like this (using version 1 parser, since version 0 parser sucks)
@version 1
味方 みかた
厳しい きびしい
昼ご飯 ひるごはん

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