A lot of new software

I’ve made A LOT of new software in a relatively short amount of time, as in just the last 2 months.

CheapXMLFormatter (for huge XML files) (command line)
ARKServerManager/ARKServerController + Remote Console (GUI)
ARKLevelGen (GUI)
JMdictTool (command line)
AnkiExtractor (command line)
JPGrammarTool (GUI)
KanjiDictTool (command line)
KanjiWordListLimiter (for KanjiStudyBuddy) (command line)
KanjiStudyBuddy (GUI)
JPStudyBuddy (GUI)

A few of them are up on my potential release block. Specifically the ones for ARK Survival Evolved, ARK Server Manager and it’s buddy ARK Server Controller (shown in below picture). I’m also considering the ARK level curve generator. Although, if you don’t understand how curves are calculated, it might be a little hard to use. All of the other tools require a significant amount of user input to be useful, making them quite a bit less likely to be released.

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