Linkjacking: Spread the word

Earlier this year I was using Facebook and kept noticing that when I’d click on something, it changed the link before going through (right click a link to see). This link of course was to track you. I found this irritating. Around that same time I visited Google, which I barely do anymore (DuckDuckGo FTW), and also noticed that they were doing the same. I dubbed what they were doing as “linkjacking” (link + hijacking). I even created something in the laziest way possible to block Facebook’s linkjacking:

So now, if I may ask, would you please spread this word, “linkjacking,” in regular conversation if this topic is brought up. I’d love to see linkjacking become the term to describe these bastardsjerks and their bullshitcrap. Because understand that what they are doing is getting around tracking blockers which usually come in AdBlock, uBlock, etc. So this sneaky bullcrap needs to be called out and we need a name for it in order to call it out.

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