Google complaining to me about lack of mobile support

So Google has now sent me several complaints about my lack of mobile support on my website. To be completely honest I was going to keep ignoring them. However, since I have started to look into developing some of my applications for mobile platforms (really only Android), I think I may have to cave into this one.

So I took a look around at modern web designs. What did I conclude? Blocks. God damn blocks. Everyone is Minecrafting it up. All “modern” mobile supported websites are super blocky. Crisp edges, top of website is a bar menu that follows you, lack of content borders, big images, and big open space. Is this really what people like? That’s fine I guess. I kinda miss some older more unique website designs. Blocks seem a little…well, I’m not gonna say. Point is, I need mobile support and going modern seems like a reasonable approach to the whole thing.

There’s a drawback to all of this though, I don’t know how to write WordPress Themes and frankly I don’t have time to learn right now. So if I make the decision to redesign, WordPress is going out the door and lots of links will be broken. This is a bit of a frustrating decision for me. So if there’s stuff you want to keep, might as well scrape my website right now before I do anything rash.

Also, if a month passes and this message is still here, it means I probably gave up on redesigning for now until next summer.

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