Review my software and new design will be revealed soon…

Greetings, as part of my new design I need reviews (positive reviews…) the size of twitter reviews, as in less than 240 characters (just post reviews in the comments here). My site is going to change completely in a little while (front page, among other non-blog pages). I’m also going to be selling software for the first time as well, so this is all a pretty big change for me. Although I’m selling it really cheap because if I were me, which I am, if it was priced too high I’d probably just pirate it.

All of my currently free software is staying free. So don’t worry about that and also, this doesn’t mean I’m going to stop making open source software. This one program I have, the amount of manual data input I’ve put into it, makes it the only candidate for purchasable software that I have. I’ve also been revising it since 2009, making it the longest software I’ve ever worked on.

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