Memorizing Kanji

I told one of my Japanese teachers about my strange ability to memorize how to write complex kanji after writing it once. So she gave me a “challenge.” The video is the second time I wrote the kanji and you’ll notice that I wasn’t looking at anything. I already had it memorized just like I told her. (Small note: If you think my handwriting looks different from the image, it is. Handwritten kanji looks different from typed kanji. I essentially converted it over without thinking, out of habit.)

Here’s the strange part, while I can memorize incredibly complex kanji like this with no issues, simple kanji is SUPER HARD to memorize. Like so crazy hard that I couldn’t remember how to write 七 for over a few weeks no matter how many times I kept practicing it. To be honest, my recall for 七 is still bad at best.

On the other hand, this one is stuck in my brain. It’s locked in tight and I probably won’t forget it for some time. Just like with 鬱 which I can also remember without any issues.

Why don’t you try to write this kanji? It’s easy, trust me. I’ve even broken it down into pieces for you: 長, 言, 月, 幺, ⺉, ⻌, 宀, 馬, 心 – Try to write it once in the same order you saw me write it, then write it again without looking. I swear it’s easy, just study the pieces. Make it into a little puzzle in your brain. Then fill in those pieces.

If you’ve never written Chinese characters before, this is not for you. This is more for people who already have at least some experience writing kanji and are familiar with the radicals I broke down above.

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