NRGsoft will be no more

It’s been a great 10 years, but I’m afraid that I’m just messing with you. So basically, my friend and I are joining together as both me the programmer and him, the hardware person(?), in a joint website that will be dedicated to both of our projects as well as collaborations.

This website will remain this way for a while longer, but eventually everything will redirect to the new site. I’m going to retain ownership of for the foreseeable future because I have way too much attached to this domain to let it go.

Some things that are currently running in the background on my website may be shutdown or I may flip them back on. This is really at my discretion and whether or not I remember.

Number 1 best part about all of this, is that this ugly website design is going away. I’ve been slowly developing the new site and it looks NICE. Best thing I ever developed. It’s also not WordPress.

Long and short of this, download my software and back it up if you’re worried. It’ll be available on the new site, but I know people panic when these kinds of things happen, so go ahead and download and backup if you want. Do not redistribute though. New links to the software will be put up in the next few months and you can change links at that point.

So, I hope you’ll join for what will surely be more interesting content.

Published by Goodlookinguy

Owner of NRGsoft, programmer, 日本語を話す人間, and UI aesthetics perfectionist.