Godot Bulk Image Filter Remover

I picked up Godot today and played around with it for a bit. One thing that annoyed me right off the bat was that all of the images seemed like they were filtered. My first solution was to make the game pixel perfect. This worked. However, upon scaling by 2, the obviously filtered images appearances became incredibly noticeable.

So I looked at the files to examine how they were importing images. By default, it enables some sort of smoothing filter. So I made a program to bulk fix this issue by turning the filter off. Just follow my instructions and you’ll be gold.

The only con is that for every new image you import into the game, at some point you’ll need to shut Godot down, delete the .import folder, run the program, and then open Godot again.

Download https://nrgs.org/dev/godot_filter_remover/GodotBulkImageFilterRemover.zip

Published by Goodlookinguy

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