Black Friday

I just wanted to write a little something here about my first experience going out very early in the morning to a store.

The store was Bestbuy, the weather, thirty-two degrees. I stood in a line that was stretching long past the stores front entrance with my brother. The people, standing, freezing, breathing each others breath, were sipping on cups of coffee, likely from Starbucks. Standing near the entrance, barely within view from the back of the line, a camera crew from the local news.

The calm serenity of the night cast on all. Moments passed as I talked with my brother. The line, frozen, as if by the air around it, suddenly leaped forward. Only to taunt us by stopping the line while we neared the entrance. Being within proper view of the local news vehicles now, we pondered how much longer it would take to be able to go in. Time ticked, my body frozen in place, gave off a shiver. The line started its decent into the store once more. My still frozen body being pushed by the people and the warm air from the store pulling me in, I entered. Only to discover that there weren’t that many things on sale. It sucked, I don’t think I’ll do that again.

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