NRG’s Anime Character Creator

Update 9/6/2013: Well, since I’m so busy, no new version yet…still… Also, people keep asking where to get it. Go to my projects page in the links above.
Update 1/22/2013: A new version is on the way. So expect it. It’s not just updated from the old version, it’s rewritten entirely. The source will be available too.
Update 2014: A new version has been available for some time now from my projects page…

NRG's Anime Character Creator

NRG's ACC v0.9a

And…almost there. The updated version after nearly a year is almost ready. I started working on it and did a bunch of big updates, including saving, loading, and exporting. Right now I’m working on the coloring and the soon-to-be, disconnected picture panel. As well as the x and y locations of the pictures. By default, they will be at position 0, 0. But, for those who make materials that aren’t quite right, it will allow you to move them. Also, picture time!

  • I’m guessing it only creates woman? :|

    • Goodlookinguy

      There’s a a few male materials that are going in the next one I’m releasing. Plus it’ll have the materials translated.

      • Heya, I know it’s been, like, two years now, but I’m curious. Are you about on the brink of completing that male/female + English update? That would be SO revolutionary in the making of webcomics!


  • Viv

    Will there be a Mac-friendly version?

    • Goodlookinguy

      Unlikely. I’m developing the program with Microsoft’s .NET. Unless I decide to write it using Mono, it won’t be for anything other than Windows.

  • animeluvrgurl23

    um how do you download this? I want it so bad

    • Goodlookinguy

      Hi, it’s available from my projects page. Also, the new version is still on the way…I’ve just been busy making a game that’s taking up most of my time.

  • Kigen Kurosawa

    How can I download it? It’s so awesome.

  • wwardaww

    how can ı download Please help me

  • hana

    how do i download this? not what page, but HOW. is there a guide somewhere??

  • *-* =_=

  • Reigan-chan

    How do I download this?

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  • Solid Snake (leaves of youth)

    how do you get this software? I’m in an anime/manga club and we’ve been looking for something like this for a while and have come up empty please help us. you can reach me at [email protected] and please leave detailed instructions. thanks!

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