NRG’s Anime Character Creator

Update 9/6/2013: Well, since I’m so busy, no new version yet…still… Also, people keep asking where to get it. Go to my projects page in the links above.
Update 1/22/2013: A new version is on the way. So expect it. It’s not just updated from the old version, it’s rewritten entirely. The source will be available too.
Update 2014: A new version has been available for some time now from my projects page…

NRG's Anime Character Creator
NRG's ACC v0.9a

And…almost there. The updated version after nearly a year is almost ready. I started working on it and did a bunch of big updates, including saving, loading, and exporting. Right now I’m working on the coloring and the soon-to-be, disconnected picture panel. As well as the x and y locations of the pictures. By default, they will be at position 0, 0. But, for those who make materials that aren’t quite right, it will allow you to move them. Also, picture time!

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