Review my software and new design will be revealed soon…

Greetings, as part of my new design I need reviews (positive reviews…) the size of twitter reviews, as in less than 240 characters (just post reviews in the comments here). My site is going to change completely in a little while (front page, among other non-blog pages). I’m also going to be selling software for […]

Google complaining to me about lack of mobile support

So Google has now sent me several complaints about my lack of mobile support on my website. To be completely honest I was going to keep ignoring them. However, since I have started to look into developing some of my applications for mobile platforms (really only Android), I think I may have to cave into […]

A lot of new software

I’ve made A LOT of new software in a relatively short amount of time, as in just the last 2 months. CheapXMLFormatter (for huge XML files) (command line) ARKServerManager/ARKServerController + Remote Console (GUI) ARKLevelGen (GUI) JMdictTool (command line) AnkiExtractor (command line) JPGrammarTool (GUI) KanjiDictTool (command line) KanjiWordListLimiter (for KanjiStudyBuddy) (command line) KanjiStudyBuddy (GUI) JPStudyBuddy (GUI) […]