PW Hex Gen

The project PW Hex Gen is coming to a completed state, where things I add after that will be after the official v1 release. So, yay for that! I’m pre-allocating space for it to be linked here. Project: NRG’s Perfect World Hex Generator Language: C#.NET 2.0 Project Members: Nicholas Grant “Goodlookinguy” Version: 1.0 ETA: 2/9/2011, […]

NRG’s Anime Character Creator

Update 9/6/2013: Well, since I’m so busy, no new version yet…still… Also, people keep asking where to get it. Go to my projects page in the links above. Update 1/22/2013: A new version is on the way. So expect it. It’s not just updated from the old version, it’s rewritten entirely. The source will be […]

Binary Converter Tool

I uh, hmm, I’ve had this program up for quite some time. Never posted anything about it except on this one particular forum.   So here, the binary converter tool version 2.2.1.   NOTE: I uh, somehow managed to write the ASCII to Unicode and Unicode to ASCII string conversion backwards. So…I’ll fix it […]

Kanji-Kana Recognition Helper

I was originally unsure about altering a Japanese character recognition helper I had made to make it so that people could use it online. But, its come to my attention that I could up my site’s rank. So…in a few days, it’s likely it’ll suddenly appear available for use online here. The screenshot here is […]