3 4 Minecraft DataPacks

That’s right, I do things other than programming, like pseudo programming. These 3 4 datapacks are being used on a Vanilla Minecraft server between my friends and I to enhance the vanilla experience. Incentiminer URL: https://github.com/Goodlookinguy/Incentiminer Description: Gives experience for digging around and playing the game as usual. Easy Sleep URL: https://github.com/Goodlookinguy/EasySleep Description: Only one […]


Help fund the successor to MiniC N.Edition (MCNE), a multi-platform, multi-paradigm, scripting language that has been affectionately dubbed “boldr” (pronounced “boulder”) It started off as “boldr–” which was pronounced “balderdashes” but the name was trimmed to something slicker and easier to remember. Support the project over at Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/nrgsoft More information and source code will […]