Highly Questionable Things

I was taking a stroll around the internet when I stumbled upon this: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pikointeractive/super-4-in-1-multicart-for-the-snes/description If you take a look at the page in the link, you might notice something familiar. That’s right, it’s one of the assets I borrowed from K.Hmix’s “Character Something or Other Machine” (キャラクターなんとか機). The assets are, according to the author, free […]

Solve my problems sleep

This is just a short talk about sleeping. A bit over a year ago I realized that when I slept, that any problems I had, especially in my programs that I was having issues solving, would solve themselves by the time I woke up. If I didn’t understand something, I’d just sleep on it. When […]

2D Game Programming – Thoughts on Math

Now that I’ve been doing game development for around 14-years (although many of those years were not serious because I was in my adolescence), I figured I should give my thoughts on the mathematical side of it. I’ve never been one to say that I love math, although I did well in school without trying […]

LESS CSS, best new thing to me

I had no idea, until seeing this article on css-tricks, that there are these css preprocessors that exist which allow you write in a css-esque language and then load the dynamically generated css to the page on-load. Back when I used to actually do web stuff on a massive scale, Internet Explorer 7 was still […]

Division by zero is undefined is a lie (maybe)

Update I turned this into a live dialog controversy between Zelda (look on team page) and I. I would like to note that after I got done, more-or-less, that I have come to the conclusion that zero and any number above (or below) zero cannot interact because it’s a matter of existence vs non-existence. Update […]

ADD/ADHD and Binaural Beats

Some time ago I had looked into a science known as binaural beats. It’s only now that I’ve come back around to looking into it because of my ADD (aka ADHD-I). Back then I had been learning about it because it had a lot to do with my studies on meditation and hypnosis. I had […]