Lightning and Thunder Storm!

After a dry lightning and thunder-less town for quite some time, a sudden and unexpectedly powerful lightning and thunderstorm erupted from the city. The dad, of a friend of mine, took some awesome pictures of the storm. I’m only gonna share one cause these are private to them. But, it was just such a nice picture I had to share it so that you could see what this storm was like.

I’d like to note that I cropped the bottom which was of houses and buildings. As well as blacking out a street lamp which was bright yellow at the bottom. Other than that this picture is 100% genuine lightning.

Bluehost and Installing Java

I’d like to make a small little tutorial. I have used and still do use linux. Ubuntu 10.10 in particular. Regardless, I touch the shell, but not as often as one who uses linux would think. So, I’m not always sure about what does what and how files on the system act.

Anyways, I wanted to put up a Minecraft server for a buddy of mine and I. (Not for you). I put the files in, ran the command that Notch said to run to get the server to run in no GUI mode. Unfortunately, I ran into some error with “Ljava” in it. Anyways, so I went on a little journey.

First off, does the host have java? The answer is actually yes. It’s just a really old version. It can be found in /usr/bin/java . If you dare think that you can override it, you’re sadly mistaken. As this is a shared host, you aren’t allowed to do that. On the other hand, you have a bin folder that you could unpack java into.
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Learning Monkey (Programming)

I’ve started writing an online book tutorial on Monkey. I aimed it at non-programmers / beginners. Since all other Monkey tutorials fail to explain things to non-programmers or over-explain and over-complicate things that just aren’t that hard. And most start off giving you some complex-looking code (for a beginner) that you won’t understand. I try my best to define everything clearly before continuing on and using something. It is highly incomplete, but I’m going to work on it a bit everyday until it blossoms into something. Join the forum and post feedback, comments, or ways to better it if you want.

You can view the tutorial here

Monkey (Programming Language) and this Friday!

I’ve been so busy that I missed that Monkey was released 2-months ago. When I just found out I started jumping off of my bed in excitement. I don’t mean that in a non-literal way. I started tearing up and temporarily freaked out, then calmly came back on my bed and jumped to my website to write about it.

You’re [not] wondering, why am I freaking out about this? It’s because Monkey ( is basically the successor (in my opinion) to BlitzMax, which was the last programming language from Blitz Research Ltd., in their long running series of programming languages. Why in particular am I so excited about this one though? It’s because of the opportunities that open up with it. It’s syntax, now as opposed to BlitzMax, has some very good changes that make it more standardized with other languages. On top of other various smart changes, the big deal is that it is across the board cross-platform. Android, iOS, HTML5, OpenGL (Win/Mac), Flash, XNA(Win C#). Those are pretty much the only platforms that are worth building anything to (minus HTML5 [I’m not a big fan of browser stuff]). What’s an even bigger deal is, compared to things like Unity3D (which mind you, I still love), for the price of $120 I can create for all platforms. Of course, I’m not including the charges to allow apps in the Apple AppStore and such. But it’s still a damn good price.

Friday: I’m off from school for summer! School resumes in August. So, woo, I have to get my hands on Monkey right away…after I get some sleep first. Then come Friday, I’m going into learning mode.

Naruto Shippuuden Opening 9 Lyrics

Edit 8/8/2011: Go to this Anime Lyrics .com page for the full song translation.

Woke up this morning, and, “Oh! Naruto is out and with a new song.” So I quickly transcribed it and transliterated it. I was planning on making a karaoke for it, but I’m super busy and tired at the moment. So, later, maybe.

Song Info
Title: ラヴァーズ (ravaazu) [ Lovers ]
By: 7!!(セブン・ウップス) (sebun uppusu) [ Seven (Ups/Oops)* ]

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I want to develop games, I’m learning C++…STOP!

So I was looking around some forums. I have to say, thanks to a certain crowd, C++ is made out to be god-like for games. Here’s my problem. In the world of today, if you want to create games. Starting out from C++ is about as far away from making a game as you can start. From my experience learning C++ first (years ago), I can tell you that I’ve never used it to create games. Why? It’s not because I can’t, it’s because it turns into cluttered hassle. That’s not what you want when you make a game. On the other hand, I can say I’ve made many demos and am making a game with the language BlitzMax. As well as making demos and full games in engines like RPG Maker, Unity3D, and a few other programs.

What does this lead me to? C++, it may be widely used around the mainstream industry. But attempt to write games and entire engines on your own with it and see the truth behind taking 10-years to write a game. Opposed to writing one in a month or year with an engine or language like BlitzMax. And realizing that while, sure, you should learn C++. If you want to make a game on your own realistically, skip it at all costs.

Now, putting this post out here, I imagine it will, at some point, get a response. That’s one of the main reasons I wrote it. It’s because I expect there to be a C++ elitist who will try and one-up me somehow. While having nothing to back up their claim of C++ being the greatest programming language to ever be born into existence. In my opinion, Assembly is the best language to ever be born into existence. The manual writing of low-level routines and low-level control at its finest. And personally, better than C++, to boot, is writing up a language in ASM with all of the functionality you need. Eliminating the in-between of needing someone else’s bullshit layer between me and the computer. But hey, go on, convince me C++ a god-like language for games. My thoughts bend flexibly when someone gives me flawless or at least polished logic.

Oh, and I can’t forget. There will always be that person who comes in and says, “…well so and so wrote a game in…,” was it you? No! Oh really…that’s what I thought. Shut up. Now that I’ve successfully ranted, I’m going to sleep.

NRG’s Window Tool

An upgraded version of NRG’s Window Renamer. Includes Window Mover and Window Killer.

What’s the point? No point, I was just messing with the Window’s API via C# doing some various tests. This program could potentially be updated, so a version with the updater is available.

Project: NRG’s Window Tool
Description: Renames, Moves, and Kills an open program via Window Name
Language: C#.NET 2.0
Project Members: Nicholas Grant “Goodlookinguy”
Version: 1.0
Release: 3/11/2011
CRC32: WindowTool.exe (99EE3425)
MD5: WindowTool.exe (815ED2709329281E5398EF4C80C9C913)
Download: Window Tool with Updater, Window Tool without Updater

NRG’s Window Renamer

I wrote this program in about 10-minutes for various personal reasons. But I figured it could be helpful to someone else, maybe.

It makes two Windows API calls via C#, so don’t be surprised that’s it’s calling user32.dll.

Project: NRG’s Window Renamer
Description: Renames an open program window name
Language: C#.NET 2.0
Project Members: Nicholas Grant “Goodlookinguy”
Version: 1.0
Release: 2/28/2011
CRC32: F2B9E659

C from Brainfuck, it’s too complex for Microsoft

This is the first time I’ve ever seen something this ridiculous. While gcc had no problems compiling the file below, MSVS told me that the program was “too complex.” Oh really? ._.’

It's too complex!

Here’s it in Brainfuck


And the result from Sean A.O. Harney’s BF2C converter.
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