PW Hex Gen

The project PW Hex Gen is coming to a completed state, where things I add after that will be after the official v1 release. So, yay for that!

I’m pre-allocating space for it to be linked here.

Project: NRG’s Perfect World Hex Generator
Language: C#.NET 2.0
Project Members: Nicholas Grant “Goodlookinguy”
Version: 1.0
ETA: 2/9/2011, 9PM GMT-8

Happy New Year

Well, it’s not quite the New Year for me yet. It’s still New Years Eve. But I might as well post this, even if no one responds. I still see all of the people wandering onto my site who silently go around and/or leech my files. I watch my site logs you know… anyways, my New Year’s resolution is… to finish up two open projects so that I can put full time into developing T-ACT Engine. I’ll do it, I swear!

NRG’s Anime Character Creator

Update 9/6/2013: Well, since I’m so busy, no new version yet…still… Also, people keep asking where to get it. Go to my projects page in the links above.
Update 1/22/2013: A new version is on the way. So expect it. It’s not just updated from the old version, it’s rewritten entirely. The source will be available too.
Update 2014: A new version has been available for some time now from my projects page…

NRG's Anime Character Creator
NRG's ACC v0.9a

And…almost there. The updated version after nearly a year is almost ready. I started working on it and did a bunch of big updates, including saving, loading, and exporting. Right now I’m working on the coloring and the soon-to-be, disconnected picture panel. As well as the x and y locations of the pictures. By default, they will be at position 0, 0. But, for those who make materials that aren’t quite right, it will allow you to move them. Also, picture time!

Binary Converter Tool

I uh, hmm, I’ve had this program up for quite some time. Never posted anything about it except on this one particular forum.
So here, the binary converter tool version 2.2.1.
NOTE: I uh, somehow managed to write the ASCII to Unicode and Unicode to ASCII string conversion backwards. So…I’ll fix it later. But for now, just know that.

Kanji-Kana Recognition Helper

Kanji/Kana Recognition Helper
Pre-Online Version

I was originally unsure about altering a Japanese character recognition helper I had made to make it so that people could use it online. But, its come to my attention that I could up my site’s rank. So…in a few days, it’s likely it’ll suddenly appear available for use online here. The screenshot here is the pre-online version. Oh yeah, I should mention that this was a test subject of mine (aka, my friend) that I was having do the program for me so that I’d have a good screenshot to post. As well as being my guinea pig for the program. Results showed my program DID work effectively using a negative and positive reinforcement hybrid. The negative and positive reinforcement includes using colors and words to either make you feel great or go, “aww…” The program can also be used to review your Kanji / Kana knowledge.
The program IS made to help learn Kanji/Kana recognition by at least 5x faster than you normally could. Seriously…it’s a forced speed learning (reading) tool using quick repetition to make the brain learn it or be scolded. Like a child would learn from touching something hot. If you don’t get it, you get burned!

Black Friday

I just wanted to write a little something here about my first experience going out very early in the morning to a store.

The store was Bestbuy, the weather, thirty-two degrees. I stood in a line that was stretching long past the stores front entrance with my brother. The people, standing, freezing, breathing each others breath, were sipping on cups of coffee, likely from Starbucks. Standing near the entrance, barely within view from the back of the line, a camera crew from the local news.

The calm serenity of the night cast on all. Moments passed as I talked with my brother. The line, frozen, as if by the air around it, suddenly leaped forward. Only to taunt us by stopping the line while we neared the entrance. Being within proper view of the local news vehicles now, we pondered how much longer it would take to be able to go in. Time ticked, my body frozen in place, gave off a shiver. The line started its decent into the store once more. My still frozen body being pushed by the people and the warm air from the store pulling me in, I entered. Only to discover that there weren’t that many things on sale. It sucked, I don’t think I’ll do that again.